Meet the Team

Susan Bell
Founder & Co-President

Susan Bell is the Founder and Co-President of Bell Events. After gaining experience in social service agencies, fashion, and interior design, Susan, founded Saved By The Bell, a unique service for busy professionals. As a talented multi-tasker, she managed a wide array of clients’ personal projects, from gift shopping to relocations and home improvement, to organizing large social gatherings, then expanded into the events industry. Saved by the Bell grew into a full-scale planning company with an emphasis on weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and social events. Susan quickly earned renown for her ability to create celebrations that capture the client’s aesthetic while maximizing value. She maintained this sensibility as her scope grew to include non-profit events, seeking to provide philanthropic organizations with outlets to engage their existing affiliates and connect with a diversified client base.

Susan believes that an event should reflect the goals and tastes of the client. She listens and interprets their vision to advise and deliver services that are personalized for each individual or organization. Her approach ensures that every project is treated as an opportunity to craft a unique experience that exceeds expectations, while her expertise guarantees that all functions are executed with utmost professionalism.

Susan demonstrates a deep commitment to her clients, seeking to build and maintain lasting relationships. She seamlessly navigates the logistical elements of event production while coordinating with chairs, honorees, venues, and vendors. 

Susan earned her baccalaureate from Skidmore College, with a major in Government and a minor in Psychology.

Heather Prochorchik

Heather is the Co-President of Bell Events, focusing on non-profit functions based in New York City. After developing a passion for hospitality and event planning at a young age, Heather began her career as an event operations manager. She gained experience in the production of large-scale social affairs and soon cultivated an affinity for non-profit galas and luncheons. Since joining Bell Events in 2009, Heather has found great fulfillment in helping clients create events that have the capacity to change lives.

Heather is highly skilled at anticipating the needs of every client and tailors her approach to best suit the mission of each event. She has a keen ability to interpret the vision of the client while keeping the details of the event fresh, innovative and creative. Heather exhibits a remarkable dedication to each organization she collaborates with, offering one-on-one guidance with development and leadership outreach. 

Heather has a broad knowledge of food and wine, and takes great pleasure in helping clients create the perfect menu for their unique occasion. She has worked in multiple fine dining establishments and has a deep understanding of wines and cuisines from around the world.

In an ever-changing industry, Heather stays abreast of new trends and brings to the table an expert perspective on how to fuse modern innovations with classic elements of event design.

Shannon Duffy
Event Associate

Shannon has a passion for the event industry, with an energy and vibrancy that was born out of having spent 5 years working in catering and hospitality before joining the Bell Events team.

As an Associate with Bell Events, Shannon enjoys being hands on in all aspects of planning and executing both social and non-profit functions. As a hardworking, determined young professional, she is an integral part of transforming our clients visions and turning them into a reality.

Shannon has a passion for the event industry that allows her to be privy to every component of each event, by facilitating interaction with vendors, venues, and organization representatives. Shannon’s flexibility, positive energy, and organizational skills help take our events to the next level.  She demonstrates a genuine investment in the clients she serves, making every effort to ensure that they feel comfortable, and confident that their event is in good hands.

Shannon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Sacred Heart University, graduating with honors from its Jack Welch College of Business, with a minor in Advertising, Media & Public Relations.